My new trail shoes!

My new trail shoes, Nike Alvord 7s, had their first run out today. I’m so glad I was wearing them. The woods where I run with the dogs are currently being thinned out by the foresters and they have left the tracks rutted with thick watery mud, impossible to run through in places. My new shoes, however, kept my feet dry and warm. My dogs, Badger the Collie and Murphy the Jack Russell, had a wonderful time finding the deepest, dirtiest puddles!

I felt a bit naked as I set off without my iPhone with its GPS, music and stopwatch, but really enjoyed just concentrating on my running. I know I did 2 miles as it’s a well run track, but I have no idea how long that took. With regular stops to stretch out my calves, time didn’t really matter.

We all arrived home covered in mud, but with smiles!

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