My kilometre-stone

After a few weeks of painful running I decided today to ditch my 10k plan in favour of Jeff Galloway‘s run/walk system.

If I’m honest I climbed onto the treadmill with anxious trepidation. Hell, every time I’ve run recently I’ve got to 1km and had to stop because of the pain. Running for 18 minutes without a stop was a nightmare. So today I read what Jeff recommended and started with a 5kph walk, moving that up to 6kph after 2 minutes. After 5 minutes I started my run, just jogging at 7kph for 2 minutes and then walking for 1 minute. After running for 5 minutes at 9kph I walked again for another minute. When I reached 1km, I cheered! No pain. None at all.

I ran the rest at 9 – 10.5 kph, with regular walk breaks really just when I needed them.

I didn’t get off until I’d done 8.5km. So far that’s the furthest distance I’ve run so I’m pretty chuffed with myself. No great shakes with the time – I managed it in 62 minutes, but I’m smiling. Apart from a wee bit of achilles pain, which I’m resting and icing, I feel great!

My detox too is going well. I’ve lost 2kg already and don’t feel at all lethargic. My stomach is noticeably less bloated than it was. Tonight we had Kidney Bean Hotpot with brown rice – tasty stuff!

I’m on my runner’s high now, happily sharing my joy with everyone who’ll listen. Consider yourself joyed!

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