Earphones and Sweaty Ears – bad combo for sure!

I always run with earphones in, either to listen to my now awesome running playlist (thanks to my running friends on Facebook) or to hear my wee voice saying ‘RUN’ and ‘WALK’ (she shouts run much louder than she does walk – maybe she thinks it’s that kick up the jacksy I need?) So far, after the OEM Apple (rubbish) earphones I’ve tried a few, trying to find a good pair of running earphones.

I started, after much research, with Skullcandy ones because I was adamant I needed the remote and mic (obviously so that if anyone phoned me mid-run I could breathe heavily into their ears, no doubt causing all sorts of problems). They are lovely earphones, don’t get me wrong – great sound, but they just don’t stay in my ears. As soon as I start to sweat the earphones pop out and refuse to stay put.

So I bought some cheap Aldi over the ear ones – £2.99 I think – total bargain and also bought a Griffin remote for iPhones. So long as I had my hat or headband on they were great. Yesterday I wore neither and *pop* out they came as soon as I started the sweat. Not only that but the clip on my remote snapped so I had a great long dangling lead getting in my way. Hmmm…

Today in Lidl (yes, I shop in all the top shops) I spotted some round the back of the head earphones. Now, these type had been recommended by a friend from the start and I had a pair of Sennheiser’s on my Amazon watchlist, but I was worried about shelling out another £20 on another set of earphones if they wouldn’t do the job. So. Well I’m typing this with my new earphones on and, for £2.99 (complete with a 3 year warranty), they’re actually pretty good sound wise and they are comfortable. I’ve tried shaking my head about and jumping up and down and they’re not budging. However, until the ‘Sweat Test’ I won’t be able to know for sure if they will do the job. More to report on this one.

EDIT: Wore my cheap earphones yesterday for my long run outside without any problems at all. They were comfortable and not too far into my ear that I couldn’t hear my feet on the floor and the lambs in the field! Heartily recommended cheap option. Get yourself to Lidl tout suite!

2 thoughts on “Earphones and Sweaty Ears – bad combo for sure!

  1. Hi JulieI had the same problem with earphones falling out and found ones like thishttp://www.oo.com.au/Sony_Clip-on_Stereo_Headphones_P22867.cfm?AFID=10&cm_mmc=Shoppingcom-_-cpc-_-feed-_-nullthey hook around the back of your ears and i havent had any dramas at all. good luck!

  2. Thanks Steve :o) They look a bit more substantial than the other hook over ear ones I had, although the round the back of the head ones I've just got are staying on fine. Tried them on the TM yesterday, a good test because I sweat far more inside than out, and they were fine.

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