Speed Work Works

Hey, hey!

I’ve been focusing for long on extending the distance I can run that I’ve really, really neglected my speedwork and I realise that this is as essential. So, last night I did a set speed work programme in April’s Women’s Running Magazine.

The set consisted of a pyramid of speed sections, gradually building up to 12 kp/h and then gradually slowing down. More or less. It only lasted for 20 minutes, but it had me sweating. I covered 3km in my 20 min which wasn’t bad for me and gave me my fastest pace so far this year.

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to running magazines; I have a book I stick all the workouts I like into for future reference. Sort of a running scrapbook. I’m sure non-runner who saw it might think I’m slightly sad, but to me it’s a way of keeping the info I need without storing huge quantities of magazines.

Even though it is gorgeous outside, today will consist of yoga and pilates to stretch my muscles and strengthen my core.

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