Core Exercises

No running yesterday, but instead I worked on strengthening my pathetic core. My abs are really the only thing about my body that I seriously need to work on; two caesarian sections have wreaked havoc and I have a flabby tummy as a result.

As I live in the country and have a 20 mile round trip away to the nearest gym I chose to buy a personal trainer program for the Wii so that I can still work out and have a good example to watch. The program is called My Fitness Coach.

Yesterday I asked it to focus on my core and boy I am feeling it today. For this the program combines Pilates and yoga moves with pure crunches after a cardio-muscular warm up. I can set the time I have and the program calculates a series of exercises to achieve the criteria in that time.

Today, in between running my boy around and getting the ironing done (yes, I am the Iron Woman) I hope to get a run in, even if it is just on the treadmill.

Happy running!

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