Walk Run Walk

Since getting over a recent bout of shin splints that just about stopped me from running, I’ve been tentatively building up speed and distance mostly on the treadmill where I can control the speed and prevent myself from overdoing things.

I have been testing out Jeff Galloway’s walk/run method and today I downloaded an app to help me time the run/walk intervals. I set it to 4:1 run:walk and the idea is that you are able to run far faster in the run sections than if you keep running right through. 4:1 is meant to give you a 9-10 min mile pace. It did. I held back initially starting my first run at 9kph, but after that I varied the speeds with a faster one and a slower one all between 10kph and 12kph. My 5k time came in at 32 mins and gave me a 10.18 min mile pace.

The best thing was that I knew I was holding myself back, so achieving a faster 5k is well within my grasp.


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