Yesterday saw me run another distance PB as I gradually got even closer to my 10k target. Following the Galloway Run-Walk-Run system I did 9k in 62 mins. I wasn’t really that bothered about the time; the distance was the thing. I was so tempted to carry on and do the 10, it was just 1k away, but I resisted!

I’m really finding that the Galloway system is helping me a) control my enthusiasm for running too fast too soon and b) resist injury because I’m going off too fast too soon! It may not look elegant, running for a while and then stopping for a breather, but I am not the most elegant looking of runners anyway so the running style gurus need not worry. So long as I do my distance in an increasingly fast time, what more could I ask for?

My biggest test will be translating what I’ve learned on the treadmill to running outside. Now that spring has sprung and the evenings are getting lighter, I should be out and about more. I love living in the country, but although our village is lit it only has one pavement from top to bottom, about half a mile. Once I get out of the village there are no lights and no paths, just maniacal drivers wanting to see if you’ll jump before they hit you. At times I envy people who can open their front doors and run safely through a town on lovely pavements!

This week I am moving up to my 10k target. I am so excited!!

4 thoughts on “9k!

  1. Welcome back to the running side…I crossed over into the dark side in February, 2010 and had never been a runner-unless you count running to the fridge for a snack during commercials. I began running with the goal of running a 1/2 marathon for my 49th birthday in Ausgus, 2010 and have run two more since. After hearing you talk some of the Galloway method, I ordered the book and it is in my "To Read" pile. Wondering about the 3:1 ratio of run:walk. During the run phase, are you to run all out or at a comfortable pace? Guess I need to get busy reading so i can find out.

  2. Hi Julie! It looks as if we might have shared the same epiphany moment last February. Well done for completing three half marathons – that, I think, will be my next step. First things first though!I run a 4:1 ratio at the moment as I'm trying to break a 10 min mile pace. I'm slightly slower than that just now. I'm not running flat out, it's a comfortable pace. I'm hoping that as I get better at the distance I'll get faster. My 5k is definitely benefitting from this method.

  3. congrats on a new distance PB Julie! well done! youll break that 10km barrier real soon and then anythings possible… i found it the biggest hurdle and relief to get that mark in Oct 09..

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