Short and sweat

I was feeling a bit achy after Wednesday’s long run, sometimes it takes me a few steps to get upright and walking properly after sitting, so I decided the best thing was to have another run to loosen things off! Kill or cure.

I didn’t have long in between finishing painting and getting ready for a pint of Guinness in the pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so I chose my session carefully and opted for a 20 minute speed session on the treadmill. This is the one I’d done before and enjoyed because I could feel it working me.

The fast changes in speed over the 20 minutes takes some concentration as well as deft finger work on the controls. My biggest problem though is seeing the red digital display when it’s light outside. The program is a double pyramid, with 1 minute intervals steadily increasing and decreasing, followed by faster 30 second intervals with a jog in between each pyramid. Coupled with a 5 minute warm up and cool down walk the programme takes 30 minutes. It’s a nice workout.

I covered 3km in 20 minutes which gave me 6:40 pace. Considering a few minutes were jogged at 6 and 7 kph I think that’s pretty good. I wouldn’t normally run that slow, even cooling down, but I’m definitely less achy now (that could be down to the wondrous medicinal qualities of a pint of Guinness) and I’m looking forward to a tempo 5k later.

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