Sunny Running!

At last, sunshine!! It’s still quite cold here, but the sun sort of makes it feel warmer even if it’s not so I set off this morning for a sunny run down the shore road. Apart from one really poor section of road where the camber is so bad you really need to run along the white line, the shore road is pretty good; some parts have even been recently resurfaced. It dips down off the main road and steadily climbs to sea level. It’s one of those roads that appears to be always climbing no matter which way you hit it! When I set off it was just above freezing, but, having learned my lesson from the other day, I set off in a long sleeve top, running shorts and a baseball cap. It didn’t take long to warm up and I felt comfortable when I did.

I had hoped for a 30 minute 5k, but hit it at 34 minutes, still 4 minutes faster than my last 5k on this route a month ago. I think on a flat course I could easily sub 30 minutes now; running the gentle hills of this route can only help me!

That’s three days of consecutive running now – can I maintain this tomorrow??

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