Subbing that 30 minutes

My goal, on starting running last year, was to sub 30 minutes for the 5k I was training up for. I managed that on the treadmill last year for the Mad Mary Super Series, but have still to do it on the road. I’m getting close though! Last week I managed 31 minutes and was really pleased about that.

I’m sure that if I ran on a level course, instead of even the gentle hills I do run on, I could easily sub the 30 minute mark.

Last night I decided to fit a 5k in on the treadmill whilst my hubbie was working late (it was either that or play on the computer or watch some drivel on the TV and I’m obviously so hooked on running that it was my best option!)

I’m still following the Galloway 4:1 (mostly, I ignored it at the end and went for a sprint finish instead) and after each walk at 5 kph, hit the 9kph button and cranked it up by 1kph on each minute marker. As I’d started cautiously by jogging for the first half km my time came in around 30 minutes. I’m not sure exactly because at 15 minutes in I hit the stop button instead of the increase speed button…again!! I did have my iPhone clocking the time, but I know I started it before I started running and stopped it after I’d slowed to a walk. It showed 30:34, so I’m guessing I did sub 30 minutes in actuality.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I can see myself getting faster and it matters more for me to achieve my target on the road than on the treadmill.

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