Jeff Galloway and his new iPhone app

Today I tested out the new Jeff Galloway Ultimate 5k app for iPhones. I’ve tried a lot of different training programs – I used the Couch to 5k to get me running and then moved up to the Bridge to 10k when I was wanting to up my distance.

To be honest I found the step up to 10k painful until I started using Jeff’s Run-Walk-Run system so using an app he’d been involved with developing seemed a good thing for me to do. The app looks good; it comes with a shed load of free music that is beat-synched to the pace you are trying to achieve.

It can be used on the treadmill or has GPS so it can be used outside. I tested it on the treadmill this evening. To begin with I had the speed up too high and didn’t realise I could turn it down. Once I’d sorted that, I was actually turning the speed up as I went. The app automatically adjusted the pace and the music to suit. It informed me on the main screen what speed to set the treadmill to and as soon as I did I could hear the beat being spot on. Clever stuff!

I got regular updates on the time remaining and general motivational comments from the big man himself.

There is a couch to 5k programme, which I ignored of course, and an improve your 5k time programme. I chose that and had a sneaky look at what was coming. The runs move from short, easy ones to longer, harder ones and speed sessions. I did a 20 minute run today and was told to have tomorrow off and that I was up for a speed session next time.

At the end of the run I got a synopsis of how I’d got on, which was pretty good. I cracked the 6 minute kilometre for the first time. So far the app gets a big thumbs up from me.

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