Forgive me Father…

…it has been many days since my last confession.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the internet! That’s a good thing, by the way; I spend far too long online. This last weekend I spent away from home with my adoring and adorable husband looking at parts for his classic Jaguar and really enjoyed myself. I did think about taking my running gear, but didn’t and the time I did try to run in the event grounds, my trews* started to fall down!

*Trews: Scots word for trousers (US : pants, dearies)

I’ve not been missing runs though. I’ve been following the Jeff Galloway training app and today I’m on for the start of week 2. I’m finding it great to follow and my times are getting faster each time I go out and the best thing is I don’t seem to be putting a great deal of extra effort in to get faster times. I feel really strong at the moment and I’m running consistently fast laps. The app’s music is great for running to, not the best tunes – I think I could chuck something together in GarageBand that would be better – but the beat is strong and I easily run to it.

My last run out was just over 6k through the woods behind where we live. The tracks are OK, not trails as such, but fine for running on if you have the time to watch where you’re putting your feet. Some tracks are full of loose stones, other are thick with mud. It’s a great strengthening surface. The route also has some short, sharp hills as well as some steadier climbs. A nice bit of everything.

Last time I was out here the route was extremely muddy as the woods are being worked. Trucks and machinery are chewing the softer tracks up badly and, if it rains, it turns into a quagmire. Luckily on Monday evening it was dry and it hadn’t rained for days, maybe weeks. I set off with Murphy, my Jack Russell Terrier, running into the warm evening sunshine.

One of the reasons I like running through the woods is that Murphy can run with me without having to worry about him. I really don’t like running with him on the lead as it pulls my shoulder out of alignment. He might be a little dog, but he’s a toughie! He’s free to stop and sniff and catch me up and eventually he just runs alongside me. That is wonderful!

Jeff told me to run a 3:1 ratio. I’d been running a 4:1, but decided I’d try the 3:1 and just see what difference it made. He said this would be an easy run, below my normal pace but longer than 5k for endurance training. I ran happy the whole way, unconcerned about my pace because it was being dictated via a tune! I had no issues with being able to keep up the pace from run one through to the last one. With the surface and route in mind, I was really surprised later when I worked out my pace. I covered 6.2k in 42 minutes, but that included a warm up walk of 3 minutes and a cool down walk of 3 minutes. If I walked about half a kilometre at the start and the end, I must have run 5.8k in about 36 minutes. My pace was about 6 min kilometres. That’s pretty good for what definitely felt like a steady run on a less than forgiving surface. I’m impressed!

Today it’s very wet and running through the woods isn’t an option during the day as the machines will get me! So I need to check what Mr Galloway has in store for me and report back later!

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