Legs of Lead

My ingenious body has succeeded in lulling me into a false sense of security. Having enjoyed really great feeling runs lately, today I sprang onto the treadmill expecting great things and **BANG** my little fluffy cloud disappeared.

I had bought some new running stuff the day before, tees and shorts and some compression socks. The label said “running” compression socks so I thought I’d try them.

I set off doing Jeff Galloway’s training, a 25 minute run. For a start I had everything, the TM and the app, set slightly too fast and I felt that I just couldn’t keep up, so I slowed it down a little. I was still running at 11.2 kph. It was a bad start to the run because I just felt I’d run off too fast and that just kills me. I have to ease into running!

Then after maybe half a k my thighs started to tighten up. It felt as if they weighed a ton and I was really starting to struggle. Not long after my calves tightened too and I was heading into shin splint territory again!

Not phased, I tried to look at it logically. I ran fine on Monday. What was different? The treadmill for one, but previous runs on the treadmill had been fine. That only left the gear I was wearing and more specifically the socks!! I rolled them down and tried again. Instant relief. I reckon the socks were recovery only (and wore them all night to prove it!) However, it was already too late. I was tired; the damage had been done.

I was hoping to get a bit closer to 5k than I did. The app told me I’d covered 4.66k in 31 minutes. My treadmill told me I’d done 5.2k in 34 mins, but that included 6 minutes of warm up/cool down. Meh. Whatever I did, I know I won’t be wearing those socks again until after my run!

Onwards and upwards people!

3 thoughts on “Legs of Lead

  1. Running is such a learning journey Julie. Im learning with every run, the nutrition, the hydration before, during and after, the dynamic stretching before, the static stretching after. Who would have thought putting one foot in front of another a gazillion times would be so complex.. Im sure your next run will be awesome..

  2. Thanks Steve. You are so right; I've learned so much about my body since I started running.I'm really interested in learning more about the dynamic stretching you do Steve – at the moment I only do the static stretches at the end of each run.

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