Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Woke this morning to torrential rain. It hasn’t rained here like that for yonks. Ho hum, no run out then for fear of shrinkage (I’m short enough!)

So Trevor Treadmill came to my rescue again. Jeff Galloway told me that today was interval day. I quite look forward to intervals because I feel I’m working it, so I was happy. I lost count of how many intervals I did, six I think, at 11.3 kph. I maybe should have speeded that up; it felt comfortable and intervals should really work you, but after the other days not-so-good run I decided just to see how my legs especially would react.

They were fine; nothing really to speak of, maybe a little bit of ankle pain and some lower shin aggro, but nothing like what I experienced on Wednesday. I covered 4.56km in 35 minutes, not startling, but I did have a good workout.

Long run on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will improve so I can get outside. Fingers and toes crossed!

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