How do dogs do it?

Not long back from my run. I managed to prise my husband away from his Series 3 XJ6 for long enough for us both to take the dogs down into the forest; him walking the older dog Badger and me running with Murphy. Well, that was the plan.

The forest trails weren’t long enough for me to complete my planned 5 miles, so I knew I’d have to double up on a few tracks before heading back. Luckily the foresters have opened up some new trails which make the route more interesting. Doubling back meant running back towards my husband and the old dog, which was fine until the old dog decided he’d rather run with me than walk with his Dad! We sorted that by putting him on his lead until I was out of sight!

The weather was just perfect. Blue sky, a bit of a breeze – a headwind setting out, but behind me coming back – and cold enough to see your breath. I was cold before I started running (stopping to talk to neighbours didn’t help) but I soon warmed up.

I followed the Jeff Galloway app again and speeded it up a tad, even though I knew I was going to be on a loose surface. The beat kept me on pace from start to finish. The stats the app gives at the end are a bit strange. I just can’t work them out. It told me I’d run for 51:35 and covered 7.89km, but went on to tell me that my average pace was 4.4 min/km. That’s just not right. I worked it out to be around 6 min/km – a 10 min mile pace – which is just about right for the conditions so I may have to have a word with Mr Galloway!

Murphy was astonishing. He ran the 5 miles with me, plus he ran to greet my husband whenever we caught up with each other and was still motoring on. For a short legged Jack Russell he can fairly shift and seems to have boundless energy, although, at this precise moment, he is curled up next to me dreaming of rabbits. Despite that, I know that if I lifted my trainers, he’d be at the door wagging his tail!

I wish I had just one ounce of his energy!

Running Stats:

Distance 7.89 km
Time 51:35 mins
Pace 6.32 min/km
Calories burned 620 (replaced with a Quorn Curry with Tarka Dal)

2 thoughts on “How do dogs do it?

  1. Nice one Julie.. great to hear the running's going well and that you're enjoying it.. lol… gotta love it when those woofers dream of rabbitys'.. and yeah… "How do they do it"??At 65 with lung cancer the running days are over for me.. but hey.. I can still manage a brisk walk.. lol… on a good day..:-)[[Hugs]]Terry..:-)

  2. Thanks Terry *huge hugs* Most of the time I do enjoy my running, especially on lovely days and with the very best of company! There are times when I'm not so enamoured!!Keep on walking – your body will thank you for giving it the energy to fight the cancer (which I didn't know about and am so sorry to hear). You take care my friend x

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