The Ministry for Silly Walks and My Beating Heart

Today I treated myself to a heart rate monitor. I’ve been looking at these for a while and haven’t been really sure if I needed one, so I bought one from Lidl (my favourite cheap but not rubbish shop) for under 15 quid, just in case it wasn’t really what I needed!

To sum it up it has:

– Easy-to-read LCD display
– Wireless chest strap
– Current, average and max. heart rate
– Stopwatch
– Time, timer, calendar, alarm and hour chime
– Pedometer and kilometre/miles counter
– BMI calculator and calories/fat burnt display
– Water-resistant
– With bike mount
– 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

The bumph said it was “A precise training aid to help monitor your performance” and that my “heart rate is wirelessly transmitted from chest strap to watch.” Impressive for £14.99 (GBP)

I strapped the chest band on (quite where to put it when you have a bust and the picture in the guide is of a bloke I wasn’t sure, but I managed!) It picked up my heart rate immediately at it settled around the 55 bpm mark. As I started my run the bpm raced up to 193, which was quite alarming to see! However, I was really interested to see it settle at 2km in as I started to find my groove. It averaged 127 which was ok I think. It gave me a percentage reading which for most of the run was well above 80%. From what I’ve read before I think that should be lower for fat burning; maybe it will be on longer runs.

First time using it, it was fine. It did what it said it would without much sorting out.

My run was fine too. Sadly the weather has taken a turn for the worse here. We’ve had some real torrential rain and high winds for the last few days and visibility, my main concern, isn’t good. If I was running on paths, pavements and sidewalks that would be fine, but I’m not; I’m running on the open road. So, for safety’s sake, I opted for the treadmill.

I wore my compression socks again, despite what happened last time because I checked them out and they are definitely running socks. I also wore compression shorts – I decided that if they made a real good job of compressing everything, I’d wear them forever! They were good, but not that good!

My run was absolutely fine, so I’ve no idea why I struggled with the socks last time. Just a coincidence maybe?

I did, however, have a crack at the dynamic stretches, briefly turning my house into the Ministry for Silly Walks. How I’ll manage that in the wide open nakedness that is the outdoors, I don’t know! I did feel loosened off more than usual, which may have contributed to the general feeling of well-being as I ran my 5 and a bit km.

Post Script: Comparing the data from my treadmill, iPhone and the HRM the HRM is spot on for distance accuracy which really surprised me. I’m hoping that if it’s that good for distance it will be that good for everything else.

3 thoughts on “The Ministry for Silly Walks and My Beating Heart

  1. Shudder.The very thought!Hmmm, maybe…but I am happy with what I have on my iPhone. It does the same job for less money and that is always a bonus (when you're married to a Scotsman!)

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