Sunshine? Time for fake tan and sunscreen.

The sun has found its way to Scotland. It was meant to be here a few weeks ago, but got lost somewhere over the south of France. Damn those pesky Frenchies.

I will be out running later, but I have more serious matters on my mind – my legs.

Despite being English, I might as well be a Scot. I am a red-haired, freckled skinned lassie who turns pink and blisters at the slightest hint of sunshine! I am a lot better now than I was as a kid, but sun protection is a biggie for me; I’ve learnt from too many bad experiences how much sunburn hurts and scars.

I started running in three-quarter leggings a few weeks back. As most of my leggings are black and most of my socks are also black, my wee white legs certainly look WHITE in between them! People have to turn away from the glare! So it’s time to hit the fake tan before I smother the sunscreen on!

I hate fake tan, I have to admit. It smells, it goes all streaky and everyone knows it’s fake, but what choice do I have? I have been toying with the idea of getting a professional spray tan, but that only lasts for a week tops and that makes it an expensive option. So supermarket streaky legs it is.

If I’m brave enough I’ll post a piccie to show how badly I’ve applied said streak. I’ll try not to be as bad as this!

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