Now check that time y’all

When I was heading out for my run this morning I started planning this blog post. I decided I would charm you with my list of things I like to take with me on a run, even a short run like today’s.

That all changed when I got down to the playing field.

It’s been really wet here for the last few days and I decided against taking the dogs into the forest. Last time I was down there it had been dry for weeks and still the paths were muddy. It would have been a doggie disaster if I’d taken the pair of them there. So I opted for the less interesting playing field which consists of a field about the size of two football pitches with, funnily enough, a football pitch in the middle. There’s also a bowling green for the wrinklies and some playground equipment that no one under the age of 15 seems to use.

Jeff Galloway told me cheerily that today’s run was going to be a mile time trial and that if I added 30 seconds on to the mile time that would give me my 5k pace. Great. I was ready for this. He said to stop after a mile and check my time. I had the GPS on the app, so I assumed that once a mile was up he would shout “Stop! Now check that time y’all” in his southern US drawl. Like heck he did!

I set off well, but after a few metres my Nikes started to fill up. The grass was really long (for a footie pitch) and really wet and I felt as if I was wading rather than running. My thoughts of securing a great time started to slip away. I ran on regardless, although it was tough going. I didn’t bother checking my distance because, like I said, I was rather expecting Jeff to do that for me! Eventually I looked (you know when you start thinking surely I’m not that bloody slow!) and I’d done over 2k – way past my mile mark. I was shattered. That had been the point of the run and I’d missed it.

I completed the almost 3k in 18 minutes. At least I know my pace was 6 minutes per kilometer. Spot on for a 30 minute 5k. I hope that running on something more forgiving than grass will give me a faster time. In fact, I’m that pissed I might just hop on the treadmill and try again knowing exactly how far I’ve run!

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