Why am I so hard on myself?

Flippin’ heck. I am such a bozo at times. Yesterday I had that tough run on the grass which was meant to give me my mile pace. App malfunction aside I was disappointed with my performance, so I decided today to have another go.

Now a normal person would think OK the grass was wet yesterday, how about running on the road today. Yes, that’s what a normal person would think. Me? No, I don’t think like that. I look at my dogs and think awww bless them, they could do with a run, let’s find the roughest track we can for us all to run together on! So that’s what I did.

The trail I run on is lovely, but it’s been wrecked by the timber lorries. The first section is all loose stones, all lying in wait to turn an ankle. The second section is ankle deep mud that you have to pick your way around and the third section is well rutted wheel tracks that you sort of dance across to find the best surface to run on. Sounds great doesn’t it? By the time I’ve reached the fourth section, which is GREAT, it’s time to turn round and come back…through sections three, two and one!

Needless to say my time was total rubbish! And, to add insult to injury, my GPS wasn’t working properly and said I hit the mile mark long after I actually did. I really don’t know why I bothered timing it at all.

If you believe Mr Galloway I ran 2.78km in 19:43 mins, giving me 7.05min/km pace – which is alright. If you believe my Runmeter information I ran 1.91 km in 16.33 mins, giving me 8.39min/km pace – which is like walking. I think I ran 2.06km (checking Google Maps) in 16:33 mins, giving me 8.02min/km pace, somewhere in the middle.

Whichever it is, next time I do this ON THE ROAD!

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