Buoyed up by all the amazing things my running friends are achieving, I set off early again this morning for a slightly longer run than of late. Still following the Ultimate 5k app, I had checked ahead and saw it was about a 7km run, so I decided to use the Twahats route.

I set off an an easy pace. It felt a little too easy at first, but I know that after half a km my asthma kicks in and makes breathing tough for the next km until my lungs have had a chance to expand. I’ve gotten use to this experience and, no, I really am not going to die.

The app doesn’t really prepare you for what is going to happen, so when Jeff told me it was time for intervals I was a tad shocked. I wasn’t really into my running for the first interval, so I found that tough especially as my breathing hadn’t sorted itself out yet, but after the second interval I was into my stride.

The 400m intervals were punctuated by 2 minute walks. I recovered that well by the end of each walk that half way in I decided to crank up the intervals and did them at 13kph instead of the 10.5 it was asking me to do them at. That felt an altogether better pace and I ran strong through each one.

Obviously the walks and two slower paced sections slowed down my overall pace, so I’m not taking much notice of that. What I was pleased about was that I was running faster without much effort. My fastest pace was 4.03 /km and I had a negative split at 4km out, even with those walks! I ran Runmeter at the same time, mainly because I just don’t trust Jeff’s GPS, and it kept shouting at me that I was behind best and then at 5km I was catching up. I finished behind my best pace on this route, but only just – which is great!

Before I sign off I want to give a big shout out to two running buddies in Australia who tomorrow will be competing in the Wild Horse Criterium. To Steve (33k) and Craig (55k), the very best of luck.

Run Strong, Run Long.

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