Morning Running

Our summer is still happening here in Bonnie Scotland! Apart from a day of rain, that everyone moaned like crazy about, we’ve had lovely weather here. As my hubbie has been working throughout the holiday, I’ve been getting up as he leaves for work at about 7:15 am and starting my run then before breakfast. Last night we had a meal at the pub with my folks (the out-laws as my husband calls them) and I knew that I would still have plenty left in the fuel tank!

I’d checked and Jeff wanted a longer run today, about 9km. I chose to run the Bankend road, which follows the shore. It’s quiet, just a bit of traffic, at this time of the day and on a bank holiday. I was well prepared today; SPF50 on my shoulders and neck, water bottle filled to the neck and my Lolo beat synced music. LoLo do an app called Beat Burn which takes your playlist and determines the BPM. I’ve got that playing through my Jeff Galloway app to keep my feet hitting the road at a constant pace. As I headed off Status Quo started the guitar riff of “Caroline”. Perfect.

The pace was measured. It wasn’t slow for me though. I was running fairly hard when I was running especially in the first and last kms. I figured this was good for my strength and endurance so I just went with it. I hit 5km at around 33 minutes.

I met three bikers, all waved and said hi and a bearded hiker with his rucksack and bottle of Lucozade. He said good morning and pointed in the direction of my legs and said something I couldn’t make out. Luckily I was running and so a polite chuckle was enough to see him off. I didn’t meet him on the turnaround though. Can gnomes hike?

The views were just jaw-droppingly gorgeous this morning; it was so clear and crisp. The most beautiful sight though was that of a young deer running parallel to me in the field between me and the shore. The grace as it leapt over the grass was astonishing. If only I could run like that I said to myself.

All of a sudden Jeff started to have a bit of a hissy fit and began to freeze. I restarted him a couple of times and he was OK, but in the end he just crashed and burned and now won’t start up at all! I emailed LoLo to tell them Jeff needed oxygen and to have the crash kart on standby; it doesn’t look good for him, poor guy.

My beat synced music kept me going and when Jeff stopped I’d done my 9km, but I still felt okay and decided I’d just do the full 10. It’s been a wee while since I did 10k and I felt good enough to stroll it. I finished it in 72 mins which is just 3 minutes slower than I managed 10k on the treadmill, this time running steadily and on the road.

There’s more to come from this gal!

Distance: 10.04 km
Run Time: 1:12:03
Average: 7:11 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:26 /km

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