On Sunday I decided that I needed to get outside and run, instead of running on the treadmill. It was Edinburgh Marathon day and I wanted to support friends who were running in the marathon and the half by running ‘with’ them. All night long the rain had lashed down and I knew it had to be a road run as the trail would be flooded.

In between showers I managed to convince my hubbie to come with me. Running with me wasn’t an option and driving alongside would make him look like he was picking up a hooker, so he decided on riding his bike – providing the tyres weren’t flat. To anyone on the low road on Sunday, that wasn’t Rocky in pink, that was me with my trainer!

I was on target for a 5km run at pace to see how my training was going. Unfortunately I also chose a day of quite high winds (although after today’s storms I’m glad I ran yesterday!) which was on my face all the way out so I guessed my time wouldn’t be as good as it maybe could be.

I was pleasantly surprised though. I had upped my run/walk ratio to 4:1 and also upped the speed of the app. As I headed down the coast road, with the wind in my face, I wondered if I’d maybe changed too much at once. It was tough going, although hubbie later said he was impressed with the strength and form of my running and that my pace didn’t drop throughout the 5k. That’s good to hear.

As I headed back, with the wind and rain behind me, I knew I’d given my all in blustery conditions. After 36 minutes I’d covered 5.2km, but that included a 3 min warm up and 3 min cool down. I really don’t think I was far off my 30 minute 5k, but I neglected to use another GPS app to check it. The information I get from the Jeff Galloway app is pretty basic.

On a plus note I’ve signed up for my first 5k race in July. It’s one of the Race for Life Cancer Research UK races, unchipped as far as I know, but a great way for me to break my race virginity! I’m raising funds for Cancer Research (see the JustGiving link on the right) and so far I’m half was to my target thanks to some very generous friends!

Making the Earth move

The weather has been very unsettled here lately, which isn’t unusual to be honest. It can be sunny one minute and then raining assorted pets the next. Unfortunately fitting my running around life has meant greater use of Trevor Treadmill. As an aside, my pub landlord was most amused to discover that I’d named my treadmill. I explained that it reduced the terror that is treadmill running if you personalise the tormentor. It makes sense to me anyway.

So Trevor again came to rescue as I set off to do a short 20 minute run. I’m so pleased that the Galloway app people listen to its users. I follow Jeff’s tweets and one of them says start off steady until you get into your running and then speed up, but the app just launched into faster runs. Whether or not this has been changed since I wrote in, I don’t know, but I started off at 10.3 kph before speeding up to 11.3 kph.

I hadn’t thought that the app was pushing me enough, so I’ve adjusted it to run 4:1 ratios instead of 3:1 and also speeded it up so that I should be averaging a 6.30 km pace. I’m hoping this will help me to sub that 30 minute 5k I have my eye on.

Fifteen minutes into the run Trevor decided to have some fun and dropped the to the deck, leaving me running at a 5% incline after quickly trying to regain my balance! Jumping off, I propped it back up to level, but he wasn’t having it! Five minutes later…BAMM…I was running up that hill again! I think Trevor needs his nuts adjusted. Oh yes I do.

Other news, my husband also came good this week, offering to drop a much loved car show so that I could run a 5k in July, my first. I’ve got to rearrange our holiday to fit so I haven’t signed up for it yet, but I guess I have one amazing husband!

I am also lamenting a reduction in boobage as I bought my first smaller cupped sports bra yesterday. Incredible that the running gods take away the things you would really like left until the very last as fast as they can. I guess I should be grateful that my weight loss is causing this, but honestly…my boobs?!


I’m a creature of habit. I like to know where I am with my day and that helps me to be flexible with what I need to fit in. I recently went back to work full time after many years of working part-time. Overnight I went from teaching two days a week to teaching two days and running a gallery for four more! My routine has taken a hit!

Last week was my first week of working six days. Don’t get me wrong, this is what I wanted. I’m not working flat out at the gallery – I’m painting or photographing or printing things out, nothing stressful, but I’m away from home. Before I could put the washing on, go for a run whilst it was on, come home, put the washing out, do some painting, do some ironing whilst it dried…and so on. My day could flit from one thing to another and everything got done.

Now I have three stations; school, gallery, home. Getting into a routine whereby my housework gets done, my dogs get walked, my family gets fed and I get to run is not easy!

Today after work I had an hour to prepare dinner and get some washing done. As soon as I’d finished cooking my running gear was on!

I did Week 5 Day 2 of Jeff Galloway’s Ultimate 5k programme, an 8 km run in an hour running 400m intervals separated by a 200m walk. I didn’t speed it up; I’d already changed it from a 3:1 ratio to 4:1 because I was feeling stronger. The 400m were run at a steady 10.3 kph and the walks at 4.8 kph. I knew I wasn’t going to break any personal records with such long walks, so I just enjoyed the run.

And enjoy it I did! No calf pain, no ankle twinges, nothing. Just a solid run at a steady pace to get me back into my running routine!

Workout Details

Distance : 8.72km
Time : 67:45 mins
Ave. Pace: 7.46

Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Oh I know. Sorry. It’s been a week since my last confession. Hail Mary me and get it over with. Jeesh!!

Last weekend saw the opening of the gallery and, to be honest, that is where I spent last week. We had so many last minute things to do that my running had to take a back seat. Tweeting this, my friend replied “too busy for running? #madworld” and yes, he was right; my world had become slightly mad for a while.

I had planned a long run in compensation on Sunday but, come Sunday, my long suffering husband and I were desperate to just relax and spend some time with our neglected dogs, so my run turned into a walk along the river and a coffee in town. And it was nice!

By the time yesterday arrived I needed to run.

Unfortunately it had been raining heavily on and off since Friday here and it’s not easy to time a run in between the downpours (we’ve had a lot of electrical storms – unusual for us). So, sadly, Trevor Treadmill had to come to the rescue again. I’ve never used the presets on Trevor, choosing instead to operate the controls manually (and often clumsily), but I took a look and chose the last on the sheet. It’s not ideal. Trevor is quite primitive and the set programme consisted of ten intervals set at a tenth each of the overall time chosen. I selected 30 minutes so each segment lasted 3 minutes. That was fine for the run, but far too long for the walk. However it did get me running again and painlessly and happily so what the heck!

I’ve also noticed that my heart rate is decreasing. My resting rate is around 60 bpm, not much different to what it was as a teenager, but my working rate is getting lower which I’m really pleased about. I don’t seem to be getting as “puffed out” these days, coping with the transition from walk to run far, far easier. This is all great progress for me and I’m happy with the way my body is coping.

Another kilogram has been lost weight-wise as well. If it drops off nice and slowly it’s more likely to stay off. To be honest, my weight means little too me. I’m far more interested in how I’m looking and feeling. I’d rather be a toned UK size 12/14 than a flabby UK size 12/14! I’ve developed so much more muscle now that my clothes aren’t really so much smaller, but my flab is disappearing.

Workout details:

30 minutes (6 mins at 4.8 kph; 3 mins at 10 kph/3 mins 4.8 kph repeated 4 times)
3.41 km