Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Oh I know. Sorry. It’s been a week since my last confession. Hail Mary me and get it over with. Jeesh!!

Last weekend saw the opening of the gallery and, to be honest, that is where I spent last week. We had so many last minute things to do that my running had to take a back seat. Tweeting this, my friend replied “too busy for running? #madworld” and yes, he was right; my world had become slightly mad for a while.

I had planned a long run in compensation on Sunday but, come Sunday, my long suffering husband and I were desperate to just relax and spend some time with our neglected dogs, so my run turned into a walk along the river and a coffee in town. And it was nice!

By the time yesterday arrived I needed to run.

Unfortunately it had been raining heavily on and off since Friday here and it’s not easy to time a run in between the downpours (we’ve had a lot of electrical storms – unusual for us). So, sadly, Trevor Treadmill had to come to the rescue again. I’ve never used the presets on Trevor, choosing instead to operate the controls manually (and often clumsily), but I took a look and chose the last on the sheet. It’s not ideal. Trevor is quite primitive and the set programme consisted of ten intervals set at a tenth each of the overall time chosen. I selected 30 minutes so each segment lasted 3 minutes. That was fine for the run, but far too long for the walk. However it did get me running again and painlessly and happily so what the heck!

I’ve also noticed that my heart rate is decreasing. My resting rate is around 60 bpm, not much different to what it was as a teenager, but my working rate is getting lower which I’m really pleased about. I don’t seem to be getting as “puffed out” these days, coping with the transition from walk to run far, far easier. This is all great progress for me and I’m happy with the way my body is coping.

Another kilogram has been lost weight-wise as well. If it drops off nice and slowly it’s more likely to stay off. To be honest, my weight means little too me. I’m far more interested in how I’m looking and feeling. I’d rather be a toned UK size 12/14 than a flabby UK size 12/14! I’ve developed so much more muscle now that my clothes aren’t really so much smaller, but my flab is disappearing.

Workout details:

30 minutes (6 mins at 4.8 kph; 3 mins at 10 kph/3 mins 4.8 kph repeated 4 times)
3.41 km

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