I’m a creature of habit. I like to know where I am with my day and that helps me to be flexible with what I need to fit in. I recently went back to work full time after many years of working part-time. Overnight I went from teaching two days a week to teaching two days and running a gallery for four more! My routine has taken a hit!

Last week was my first week of working six days. Don’t get me wrong, this is what I wanted. I’m not working flat out at the gallery – I’m painting or photographing or printing things out, nothing stressful, but I’m away from home. Before I could put the washing on, go for a run whilst it was on, come home, put the washing out, do some painting, do some ironing whilst it dried…and so on. My day could flit from one thing to another and everything got done.

Now I have three stations; school, gallery, home. Getting into a routine whereby my housework gets done, my dogs get walked, my family gets fed and I get to run is not easy!

Today after work I had an hour to prepare dinner and get some washing done. As soon as I’d finished cooking my running gear was on!

I did Week 5 Day 2 of Jeff Galloway’s Ultimate 5k programme, an 8 km run in an hour running 400m intervals separated by a 200m walk. I didn’t speed it up; I’d already changed it from a 3:1 ratio to 4:1 because I was feeling stronger. The 400m were run at a steady 10.3 kph and the walks at 4.8 kph. I knew I wasn’t going to break any personal records with such long walks, so I just enjoyed the run.

And enjoy it I did! No calf pain, no ankle twinges, nothing. Just a solid run at a steady pace to get me back into my running routine!

Workout Details

Distance : 8.72km
Time : 67:45 mins
Ave. Pace: 7.46

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