Making the Earth move

The weather has been very unsettled here lately, which isn’t unusual to be honest. It can be sunny one minute and then raining assorted pets the next. Unfortunately fitting my running around life has meant greater use of Trevor Treadmill. As an aside, my pub landlord was most amused to discover that I’d named my treadmill. I explained that it reduced the terror that is treadmill running if you personalise the tormentor. It makes sense to me anyway.

So Trevor again came to rescue as I set off to do a short 20 minute run. I’m so pleased that the Galloway app people listen to its users. I follow Jeff’s tweets and one of them says start off steady until you get into your running and then speed up, but the app just launched into faster runs. Whether or not this has been changed since I wrote in, I don’t know, but I started off at 10.3 kph before speeding up to 11.3 kph.

I hadn’t thought that the app was pushing me enough, so I’ve adjusted it to run 4:1 ratios instead of 3:1 and also speeded it up so that I should be averaging a 6.30 km pace. I’m hoping this will help me to sub that 30 minute 5k I have my eye on.

Fifteen minutes into the run Trevor decided to have some fun and dropped the to the deck, leaving me running at a 5% incline after quickly trying to regain my balance! Jumping off, I propped it back up to level, but he wasn’t having it! Five minutes later…BAMM…I was running up that hill again! I think Trevor needs his nuts adjusted. Oh yes I do.

Other news, my husband also came good this week, offering to drop a much loved car show so that I could run a 5k in July, my first. I’ve got to rearrange our holiday to fit so I haven’t signed up for it yet, but I guess I have one amazing husband!

I am also lamenting a reduction in boobage as I bought my first smaller cupped sports bra yesterday. Incredible that the running gods take away the things you would really like left until the very last as fast as they can. I guess I should be grateful that my weight loss is causing this, but honestly…my boobs?!

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