Apps and Apologies

Two runs since my last post and I’ve only today found the time to update the blog. I’m terrible, I know! Sorry!

The Ultimate 5k app is coming to an end. On Wednesday it gave me a 5.5km run at race tempo, which I completed in just under 30 minutes on Trevor. I was really pleased with my pace because it was consistent and strong throughout.

The last run I completed was a “race” i.e. meant to be played during a race, which I’ll do in July when I am racing. I managed that in 29:08 because I ran through the last walk break, which Jeff says you can do if you are feeling strong enough and I was.

I have a longer run to do next, just under 10k and then I think I’m done.

So…what next?

Weeellllll, I’ve been looking at a half marathon training app! Hmmm, I can run 8, so 13 isn’t that much more I’m thinking! So which app to choose, because I obviously HAVE to have an app to get me through this! I need to do a bit of research. Hal Higden’s is the obvious choice, but it’s very expensive as apps go.

Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Apps and Apologies

  1. Hi Jules, I use the Nike + GPS app. Fairly generic but works well and is connected to which gives you the ability to work with a virtual trainer.Keep it up!

  2. Hi Biggie!I've used Runkeeper and Runmeter (same sort of things as Nike+) since I started running. I do keep looking at Nike+ so I'll have another look. Thank you and keep up the good work yourself!

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