The end of the road

Since my last update I’ve done some slightly longer runs, working on my endurance. A 5.5km run in 33 mins (giving me just under 6 minute/km pace) and today a 7km run, with intervals. My next run is around an hour at a slower pace.

I have to say the intervals are getting easier, maybe too easy. I’m running them at my race pace of 11.3 kph and, perhaps it’s the training, but that seems almost steady now! I’m actually considering restarting the 5k training, but cranking the speed up a notch! I can run a sub-30 minute 5k…how much faster can I go?

My virtual running friends are great at helping me to celebrate my successes. With friends and contacts at Facebook, Twitter and DailyMile all cheering me on it’s easy to think beyond each small improvement to a new self-imposed target. I’m not a social runner; I don’t feel the need to join a running club, but having people cheer me on is very important.

Three weeks to go before my first race and I’m tempted to book others already. I think I need to get the first one under my belt though, before booking anything in the summer holidays. I’ve prepared myself mentally by stating aloud that I am not looking for PBs on my first outing. I’m nervous enough about where to go, where to park, where to put my bag, where to line up – going with a time to beat would be too much to ask! I just want to get there, get it done and then relax.

I am itching to get out on the road. The weather has been appalling here recently and, as I’ve said before, running on the road in poor visibility conditions is asking for trouble. I thought I’d dodge the showers today, but it wasn’t to be. Predictably the sun came out as I was finishing on the treadmill and it’s lovely just now.

Too late Running Gods, I am full of a three course Sunday dinner. Moving is now optional.

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