Inspiration, I’ve found, comes in many forms. I have, for example, many hugely inspiring running friends. Not that I’ve actually met any of them; they are all friends thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They are, however, still my friends and they are a huge source of information, courage and solace whenever it’s needed. Seeing them achieve goals pushes me on to strive for more. I’m no longer content to run 5k or 10k.

My family are slightly in awe of what I do. I don’t feel inspired by them so much as supported by them. My husband will cycle along with me, never really talking, just being there, watching what I do and casually announcing at the end of a run on Sunday that “you will rock that 5k next Sunday”. It’s what I needed to hear.

Seeing kilos drop off me each time I climb on the scales is a huge inspiration. Looking at clothes that fitted me last year hanging off me this year is fabulous, if not a bit expensive! Meh, a fit girl needs clothes that fit!

So I am inspired! And so yesterday I started my half-marathon training.

I’ve opted for Jeff Galloway’s programme. I checked out Hal Higdon’s and others as apps for my iPhone, but Jeff has improved my 5k time so much I thought I should maybe stick with him. Running using a run-walk-run method is keeping my injuries to an absolute minimum and that is really important to me. I want to enjoy running, not worry about shin splints or ham strings.

On Sunday I did my last 5k training distance of 5.79 miles, just under 10km in 57 minutes. It was a steady run and I felt strong right up to the last half a k. Then my legs went a bit wobbly, but it was still hot, even at 7pm.

Yesterday my thighs were sore. Oh dearie me yes! I’m not sure if taking a rest day was ideal, maybe a gentle jog might have relaxed them a bit, but Jeff said it was a rest day so I rested.

Today though it was a 30 minute run on the cards. I wasn’t bothered for distance or speed, just a 30 minute run was sufficient, so I headed into the woods with Murphy dog. The route takes me over stony and dried mud surfaces, undulating through the trees. In parts the track is quite rutted so it slows me down quite considerably but I’ve given up worrying about that. It’s a challenging route that makes me think about where my feet are falling. One misstep and I’ve twisted an ankle, or worse, and it’s a long hop home! The constant battle with balance is great for my core strength (which, I admit, is my weakness) and ankle strength.

I probably set off too fast. I wasn’t listening to my usual beat synched music, instead I had John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater warbling in my ears, so my pace wasn’t set. Maybe a mistake? The turn around is all uphill, just about, and it was tough, but I kept saying “Come on, you can do this easily!” and I did it. Of course I did!

Sometimes all you need is that inner voice. Believing in yourself is the greatest inspiration.


Run Time : 31:12
Distance : 2.46 miles
Av. Pace : 12:40 /mile
Fastest pace: 7:38 /mile

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