The Day Before The Day

OK, well to say I’m nervous at this point is probably a bit of an understatement. The last time I did a Race for Life I walked it with a friend who sadly died a few years ago. I must admit that, although her death was not cancer related in the slightest, I will be thinking of her when I’m running tomorrow. Smile down on me tomorrow Celia.

I’m not worried about the race. I know I can run 5k easily. I’m not worried about the time. This is an unchipped race and I just want to do it, although I will time it myself. What I am worried about, as a race virgin, is all the logistical stuff, such as where to park, what time to leave, where to leave my stuff – that kind of thing. I need to get this race under my belt to settle any worries like this.

My husband will be there of course and in the week my 19 year old son announced he wanted to be there too.

So, 11am BST I should be running in all my pink stuff! I will be incredibly difficult to spot though, because every other woman there will also be festooned in pink!

I’m feeling a bit subdued, so adios and I’ll let you know how I got on tomorrow night.

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