Holiday Running

Sadly internet doesn’t seem to have reached North Yorkshire, or at least the bit I’ve spent the last week at, so my blogging has taken a bit of a dive. However, my running hasn’t and I have a new recruit in the form of my husband.

Whether or not it was the sight of his wife doing the Race for Life or just being involved with the whole race thing, my hubbie has decided to try again to reach his running goal of 5k. He last tried in October of last year when we were on holiday. Training lasted a couple of weeks or so and then he stopped, finding all the excuses we do sometimes manage to find (too busy, too tired, too something). He was doing well, although I did think that he was trying to run too fast too soon and maybe that was the kicker.

We’ve thrown away his training programme and I’ve found, what I think is, a more achievable programme for him. It’s called Run Training Pro and can be used for 5k, 10k, half and marathon training as well as for goal orientated and free running. I originally bought the app because I thought it would be good for my half training, but it’s asking me to run everyday and starts from nothing; it doesn’t take into account the fact that I can run 12k already. However, I can set it to give me a goal distance and it tells me when I’m halfway (which is useful for me if I’m running there and back because I have a habit of running too far out!)

So last week I did three runs with hubbie for his week one of training. Each one was a 60 second run followed by a 90 second walk and I paced it at a steady 9kph. That gave us a 2 mile distance over the 30 minutes (including warm up and cool down walks of 5 minutes each). On the last run of the week I carried on to do another 2 miles for my 4 target on my Half training. It worked well and today, even though it’s our anniversary and we’re heading out for a meal, hubbie has already said that we’re running when he gets home! He’s on for a 90 sec run and a 2 min walk repeat tonight and that’ll have to do me too!

Happy running!

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