My Abs

Since starting running and with very little dieting, I’ve managed to drop a dress size and one stone in weight. When I weighed myself at the start I was horrified to see that my weight had crept back up to my all time high of 12 stone (76 kg/168 USlb); I’m now sitting at 11 stone or just under anyway (69kg/152USlb). It took a long time to lose, but it’s staying off.

The detox I did at the start of the year helped and I don’t think I look overweight anymore, but I would still like to lose another stone. I like my food, although I eat pretty healthily anyway. My treats consist of raw carrots and houmous, not chocolate and crisps! As a vegetarian veering towards veganism, I really don’t think I need to worry about dieting, I just want to ensure that my body is being correctly fueled. Especially as I put it under a greater strain by upping my running distance.

Looking in the mirror this morning I knew that they only thing I really need to do to improve my body is to strengthen those abdominals. I have, what is known as, a mother’s apron. That describes the loose bit of flabby belly that overhangs my section scar, common on ladies that have had a baby by Caesarian Section and don’t have Posh’s money have an immmediate tummy tuck! It’s better than it was, but hard work is the only thing that’s going to make it go away now.

So I sorted myself out some exercises and I need to do them everyday. I know that this will have benefits for my running, giving me that stronger core I need. The exercises consist of a series of crunches:

All I need to do is blow up my stability ball, which my husband was convinced I’d never use and deflated (bless him), and I’m away. Starting today.

On the hubby training front, we’re into week three, consisting of a warm up 5 minute walk, a 90 second run and a 2 minute walk repeated 6 times over 20 minutes and a cool down 5 minute walk. We’ve done that twice this week, once of tarmac, once on the trails and we have one more to do. I’m going to try and get him to do that on Saturday because on Sunday I have a 5 mile run to do as part of my half-marathon training.

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