5 miles with smiles

It’s always nice to do a run that has you still smiling at the end, and not just because you’ve reached the end! Today Jeff (Galloway) told me I had 5 miles to do as part of my half-marathon training. If you’ve been paying attention you might have realised that I was meant to do my 5 miler last night, but, having been out all day wandering the streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne, I was dead-beat. Running in the cool of the morning sounded a better option, especially on rested legs.

I decided to run a route I love (because it’s quiet and picturesque) in the opposite direction today. I thought it might be nice to see what the route looked like from the other side! What I forgot about was the amount of hills I had to contend with. Going the other way round, the usual way, the hills are long hauls. This way round they were steep and came one after the other at mile 2.

However, hills make us stronger runners and that was my mantra as I clawed at each one.

About half way round I encountered a herd of cows being herded onto another field by a quad-biking farmer and his two assistants. One of the hazards of living in the sticks and running on the roads I guess. I had to take to the grass verge as the cows passed me by in case I spooked them or they took a liking to me!

It gave me a few moments to get my breath back!

I hit 5k at 34 minutes, which was maybe a bit fast considering I had another two miles to do. However I knew that I was approaching a long straight descent and I was looking forward to that. I just had two hills to do first!

My 5 miles came in at 58 minutes – not a bad run at all.

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