Hubbie Training

Craig thinks this is funny. Like I can train a husband!! No, this is me trying to help my husband to get up to 5k running. We’re on week three and he’s doing great. Even though we both worked till late tonight I had my trainers on at 9pm ready to go! What choice did he have?

We did 28 minutes, including 10 minutes of warm up and cool down. The training consisted of 90 second run/walk and 3 minute run/walk repeated. I was worried for him that the 3 minute run was coming up, so I slowed the pace right down. I didn’t want him gasping for air on the first try; it had to be achievable.

When we got back, he checked his emails whilst I did my core exercises. I’ve done these everyday since Saturday and already I feel they are getting easier. My abs scream at me at night when I relax in bed; it’s almost as if they don’t want to be stretched. They want to stay taught and keep me upright. Don’t rest they say! I’m not listening!

2 thoughts on “Hubbie Training

  1. After he'd spent half an hour on the phone talking to his dad who lives 10 minutes down the road and who he'll see this morning, there was NO WAY he was escaping Craig LOL! Actually, it's been too warm here for running earlier on. 9pm is a nice time, just as the sun is setting.

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