Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

We’re having a few days away in our lovely caravan, the Wobble Box as it’s affectionately known. I chose a quiet site as far west as we can go before we hit the Irish Sea, New England Bay. Here we’re about as southerly in Scotland as you can get and the tropical palms growing in every garden prove how mild the air is.

After a week of niggly knee, I was interested to see how my rested knee would hold up to a longer run. Having accidentally left my knee support at home I set off into the early evening sun for 6.5 miles.

I had no idea where I was headed. The maps we have aren’t really detailed enough and my Internet signal isn’t brilliant here. Not good enough to display maps anyway. I had an idea that I could do a 3 mile loop twice and set off to do that.

Going out of the campsite and turning right took me up my first hill. However at the top of it was a left turn sign posted Port Logan 1.5 miles. That’d do.

The road was quiet and I only met a cyclist before heading down into the wee port. As I rounded the hill the sight that met my eyes was just idyllic. Soft sunlight glinting playfully on a near still blue sea – gorgeous.

I ran through the village (past a pub with folk sitting out at tables – past it, I ran past a pub!!) and decided to try and find my way back on this road. It was a steady climb out of the village and by the time I’d reached the top I was needing a walk break. As I walked I reached a split in the road and had no idea which way to go. I’d spent a few minutes puzzling over the maps on my phone when another runner came past and shouted “Hey, how are you doing?” I had the good sense to shout back “Fine, but I’m a bit lost!” He immediately turned back and it turned out he’d followed my route from the campsite, but was on a longer run. He gave me directions and assured me that my route should give me the 6.5 miles I was looking for. His wife was also out running and I was to look out for a woman wearing a blue top.

By this time I’d done 2 miles and was in my stride. My splits were getting faster and bringing my average pace up to around a 10 minute mile, which is great for me. I hit 3 miles at 32 mins. I reached the main road again and soon could see the campsite, but with 4 miles on the clock! No way was my run up to the site going to be 2.5 miles. Something was wrong.

I got to the road end with about 4.5 miles showing. I had no choice but to do some of the loop again! As I neared 5 miles I caught sight of a female runner heading towards me. We stopped and spoke. “Is your husband out running too?” I asked. “He could be” she said. I explained that I’d met a guy who’d helped me, but if it was her husband she needed to get him checked for colour blindness. As she jogged away I complimented her on her bright PINK top!!

This lady had thought my route would have easily been 6 miles, but I showed her that I’d been running for 55 mins and it was showing 5.2 miles, which seemed about right. However when I carried on something strange happened. Whether my GPS caught up, or there was an App error, I don’t know but the App suddenly announced I’d done my 6.5 miles in 55 mins! Rubbish! And it also zeroed my data, the map and everything. I had no way of checking back. My only way of salvaging my run was to work it from my last known average pace which was 10:38 min/mile, a cracking pace considering I was run:walk on a 3:1 ratio! I was meant to be taking it easy and, to be honest, it felt good.

I’ll do the route in the car today and consider ditching the App in favour of one that doesn’t lose all my data! Apart from data loss I’m happy. I ran well and felt strong and I’m pretty sure I completed my 6.5 miles in around 67 minutes without a murmur from my niggly knee!

Post script: We drove my route in the car today and my GPS was spot on. I did my 6.5 miles, but for some reason my App stopped at 55 minutes. That’s technology for you I guess!

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Location:Stranraer,United Kingdom

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