Late Night Intervals…

…are not a good thing. Last night I sat waiting for Grant to finish pluttering* about in the garage until half 8, thinking we could get 30 mins in before it got dark, and then the heavens opened. I’ve got to be really honest here; I don’t mind running in the rain. It’s unavoidable here and I find it quite refreshing, so that’s not a problem. My problem is finding a waterproof cover for my iPhone. If I had loads of dosh I’d be looking at a Garmin, but I don’t have loads of dosh to spare. So I’m relying on my 18 month old iPhone for everything (and to last for another couple of years really!)

I’ve so far been through two covers, one had no water protection at all and the one I have now has a cover but leaves the headphone jackpoint exposed. I’ve tried all sorts, turning the phone upside down, tape etc. etc. What I need is a great cover that gives me touch screen access and keeps the phone dry. I need that reassurance.

I also need my phone on my run for many reasons. It has my iPod on it. Without music to run to I can’t run at a steady pace, I tend to run out far too fast and suffer for it. Running to the beat has helped me enormously. I need it for my timing app; my stats are really important to me – I need to know what I’ve done and have a record of it (I guess that’s my obsessive nature coming through!) Most importantly, for a woman running alone out of town, I need it as a phone!

I had no joy at the Apple Store in Glasgow after initially getting my hopes up seeing one cover that seemingly had the headphone entering at the bottom of the case. It was for a iTouch which has the headphone at the bottom. Damn. I’ve made enquiries about a cover I saw when reading Health and Fitness magazine. It looked as if there was a cover over the top of the top of the case. I’ll wait for my reply. Fingers crossed.

The upshot of all this twining* is that as soon as the rain started, so did the treadmill. It was 8:45 by now and I decided on a 20 minute interval session. It starts off really slow and I feel as if I’m going to run off the band, but soon increases every 2 minutes until I’m running properly and then backs off for 2 minutes recovery. This is followed by 30 second climbs and then one minute back offs down to my slow jog again. After running the Galloway ratios for run:walk it’s actually nice to know that I can really run for longer than the allotted 3 or 4 minutes! This coupled with a warm up and cool down walk gave me a 30 minutes treadmill session which has left me fidgety and aching!

By the time I’d finished it was well after 9pm, I still had to stretch and take in a shower before sitting down before bed. It’s just too late for me to run and I find myself uncomfortable in bed, twitchy and unrelaxed. This morning I woke feeling really tired, totally the opposite to how I feel after an earlier run.

I know I’ll get better as the day goes on and I’m almost tempted to get in a short run later just to loosen everything up.

If it stops raining…

*Anglo/Scots Translation

plutter: (v) to mess about without seeming to do very much at all

twine: (v) to moan, on and on and on

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