Jelly Legs

Today’s morning run wasn’t well fuelled. How do I know? Because the food I’d eaten yesterday had been converted to jelly which then replaced the bones and muscles in my legs! Jelly legs; there’s just no coming back from Jelly Leg Syndrome.

It is lovely here today, bright sunshine and very little breeze. I set off with all good intentions. I knew I had a 3 mile with at least one Magic Mile in it. Jeff Galloway uses the MM to help you to gauge your race pace. You take the mile time and multiply it by 1.2 and that gives you your half-marathon pace. I picked a reasonably challenging route, the first mile at least is all up hill. I get a short downhill and then the turn around appears and I immediately have to climb that downhill. Once I get to the top I know it’s pretty much downhill all the way home. Basically I’m climbing away from sea level and then heading back down to it, usually with a sea breeze on my face and today was no exception.

The first half was a killer. I just couldn’t seem to keep going at anything like a reasonable pace. At the very end of the long climb I was just about crawling, but determined not to walk until the end of my sector. I’m running this training throughout on a 3:1 run:walk ratio. Sometimes 3 minutes is a bloody long time!

I tried to pick up my pace on the run home. Looking at my stats I did pretty well considering I felt rubbish. Maybe I’m being a little hard on myself.

I’m heading out later with Grant to do his 5k training plan. Hopefully by then I’ll have fuelled up and be ready to rock!


3.16 miles in 33.14 mins (Av Pace 10:31 per mile)

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