A little bit of Monica in my life

Cross training – what do you do?

I’ve done a bit of cycling, a bit of swimming, a bit of yoga and some Tai Chi. In other words I’ve pretty much tried everything and not got into a routine of doing anything in particular, which is pretty typical of me. Left to my own devices I am not very dedicated. This is why I’m following a half-marathon programme now without a half planned! Without the push I’d be running 3 miles every day and not really doing much else. I need something to aim for.

What I should really do is go to a class and make myself a regular commitment. That I know I’d keep because I hate the thought of folk saying “Oh that Julie, she never sticks at anything!” My commitment has to be public. Maybe that’s why I blog?

I do have one commitment. Since before our marriage in 2002 hubbie and I have been ballroom dancing. We go weekly (at one time we went twice weekly) and the original idea was that we should learn a dance for our wedding First Dance. We learnt a Parisian Rumba, which is lovely, and then we just kept going because we liked it so much and had met some really lovely people. We moved house four years ago, another 10 miles from the venue which was already 20 miles away, and changed jobs which stopped us from attending, but a couple of weeks ago I remade the commitment (and then told my husband)! We now attend a weekly dance class and for the last couple of weeks have been learning a sequence jive. It is harder than it sounds! A total cardiovascular workout requiring total concentration and a sense of humour when it all goes horribly wrong!! We do love it though.

I now have to disappoint you and tell you that neither of us wears spandex, lycra or sequins! Half the time I turn up in jeans although I do have several pairs of dancing shoes (black, gold and silver) and a few “frocks” to wear to the balls.

So, my cross-training of choice is ballroom dancing! A low impact workout with a few frills. And, by the way, I can do a mean Dirty Mambo!


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