Running on Empty…or not.

IBS reared its ugly head again this week. It was my own silly fault; after a long day at work and a run with hubbie I decided to cheat at dinner time and have pizza. Big mistake. I only had ordinary pizza, not gluten-free. A few hours later and I knew I was in trouble and also sure that wheat gluten is my problem. It not just bloats me up to uncomfortable levels, but it also leaves me feeling drained. I get a feeling of fullness and almost constant nausea which means I don’t want to eat and that means I can be left light-headed for a few days.

I decided not to run yesterday, feeling like this, and instead pursued a drastic course of action: a lentil curry.

Today I was left feeling a little better! Still not 100% and with a gale blowing outside, I decided to run my allotted 4 miles on Trevor Treadmill. So as soon as I got home I got changed and away I went. I decided to run at varying speeds, just to spice things up a bit. I started off at an easy pace for a kilometre and then started to crank the speed up a bit every kilometre. If I’m honest, with how I’ve been feeling, I just wanted the run over and done with, but I surprised myself with a good 6 miles in 41 minutes  – around 10 min/mile pace! And I do feel better for having done it. As always!

I’ve spent the last few hours sorting out my latest acquisition – a Garmin Forerunner 405. I’ve set it up with intervals for my longer runs and I think I know how it works! I was pleased with the deal I got – the watch + heart rate monitor + Ant stick for £130 from Comet/Currys. Other than obvious scams, this is the lowest price I could find, although I admit I didn’t realise I was also getting the HRM. I’ll no doubt keep you informed with my trials and tribulations!!

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