Rocket Fuel

I’ve been giving considerable thought to fuelling these longer runs that I’m currently doing. Today I head out for a 12½ mile run.

Sometimes reading articles can make things even more confusing; I was sent a link by Run Addicts which more or less said forget gels, just take a sports drink and only drink it half way in.

To be fair this is all I have been doing, supplementing the drink with some jelly beans. But the jelly beans were not a success – they just don’t work in a dry mouth, bits get stuck on my teeth and I drink too much trying to wash the residue away. As a vegetarian my access to gel-based sweets/candy is severely limited; most sweets have pork or beef gelatine in them. So I took a trip to Holland and Barrett, my local health food shop, and found these!

£1.45 for a packet is a rip off, but a price I was prepared to pay for animal free Bears!
I also picked up a IsoGel – I’ll take it with me and maybe use it at the end if I’m flagging, but as I’ve never had one of these before I don’t want to chance Runner’s Belly half way through the run!
I’m ditching my belt; I hate wearing it. It twists round, the bottle get in my way and it’s just uncomfortable. So I bought myself a handheld bottle with a handle and a wee zipped pocket for my Bears and Gel from T K Maxx for £4.99. I’ve probably gotten what I paid for, but at least I can test this out for not much money!
Be back later to tell you how I got on….

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