Taming my Boobage

Yesterday I did a 20 minute interval session on the treadmill courtesy of Women’s Running magazine. I’ve got workouts cut out and stuck in a scrapbook (oddly with Spiderman on the front of it – go figure) and I scroll through that to pick out what I want to do. It depends often on what time I have and yesterday I was running before heading into the gallery, so 20 minutes was enough. 30 minutes with the warm up/cool down.

The session consisted of pyramidal intervals, starting at 9 kph and working up to 13 kph and then back to 9kph. Repeat that and that was my workout. It was nice to inject a bit of speed; running with hubbie has made me a bit lazy and I was horrified to spot that my 12½ mile run was slower than my 11 when I wasn’t feeling well! I have a need for speed people!

The run was fine, no problems.

My chesticles, on the other hand, were well out of control and, gentlemen, that hurts! (Ladies, I am sure you understand!)

I have many sports bras, from the strappy down type to the underwired type for the fuller bust. I understood from the start that good support was essential, not just for comfort, but also to reduce the possibility of damage to the supportive tissue. The phrase “irreversible sagging” echoes around my head; we’ll be having none of that! I’m not big busted, but I’m not flat chested either. I’m a, probably fairly normal, ‘C’ cup and have been since I was a teenager. No matter how much weight I lose I don’t think my boobage will get that much smaller; I’m more likely to lose inches off my body.

I went to Marks and Spencer recently and got measured. I say “measured”; the assistant (a lovely lady) measured under my bust, did a quick sum and then took a look at my norks and said “C cup”. What a talent that is! It’s the kind of job my husband would kill to have!

We went and chose a high impact  M&S sports bra, underwired and coming high onto my chest. It’s the best bra I have, by far, but it’s still not perfect. I want to not feel any movement at all.

So my quest is now for a good bra. Suggestions and recommendations will be gratefully received, regardless of your own boob size. Sorry guys, this is one for the ladies!

EDIT: Since writing this I have bought a relatively cheap sports bra from Aldi. It only cost £7 and is so supportive! It has padded straps and vented sections to allow air to circulate. It’s a far better bra than any of the others I have, including the M&S one. Unfortunately they were popular and there was only one in store in my size. It’s very similar to another Lidl one I have and so, when they come back in, I will be there at store opening time!! Well recommended.

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