Catching up with a week’s worth of waffle!

We were away last weekend so I didn’t get a chance to update the blog with the long weekend run, which was a steady 4 miles around Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. We were camping at the park ready for a show on the Sunday. My long run was meant to happen on Sunday, but I was tired after slow walking around the show all day (for some reason I find slow walking really hard on my back) and decided to leave it for the next morning.

Grant decided that he’d come with me for the first 2 mile lap. We even took Murphy with us and he happily trotted alongside me. It’s so annoying to see those little legs trotting effortlessly away whilst we slog along the path!

I know that I push Grant on, he’d happily run at a slower pace, but I feel that I have to or my own pace will suffer and I know that I’ve said this before. Plus running at his optimum doesn’t do him a jot of harm! We finished the 2 miles in 23 minutes and I left both him and Murphy to do another, hopefully faster lap.

We were running on the tarmac perimeter of the park. It was reasonably flat and would actually make a great race venue with the many roads crisscrossing the venue.

I finished the 4 miles in 43 minutes, completing the second lap 3 minutes faster than the first.

Once we got home on Tuesday it was too late to run again so I instead took Grant for a trail run on Wednesday. He decided a couple of miles was enough so we just ran to the turnaround and back. 2 miles in 22:46, not bad for a trail run!

For some reason we didn’t run again until Friday and it was getting dark when we set off. My in the week runs are meant to be 30 minutes, but Grant has it in his head that that must be 2 miles! We ran along the road and turned on 1 mile, but I made him run the extra half a mile to get as close to 30 minutes as I could! 2.47 miles in 27:18. And then, unbelievably, Grant actually decided to sprint at the end to get the run over with (he said)! A negative split – well done my love!!

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