Recovery Running

Running out of time on my blissful day off, I decided to do my 30 minute easy run on the treadmill today. Now that I’ve converted my old studio into a gym, complete with Trevor Treadmill, a wobble board and a yoga mat (I’m working on the rest!) it’s great to be able to pop out into the garden to train and still feel part of the countryside. The reason for that is that my gym overlooks a small paddock with trees and occasionally horses. I lose myself gazing into the trees.

It’s been raining on and off all day here today; my washing has been out on the line one minute and whisked in the next. I wasn’t in the mood for heading out and getting soaked and getting soaked was a distinct possibility.

I hopped on the mill and set it to 9 kph for the first 10 minutes. I had it in my head to just run for 30 minutes, non-stop, no walk breaks and see how I got on. I did it the other week when I was doing intervals and really enjoyed it. Gradually I cranked up the speed from 9 up to 9.5, then to 10 and 11kph. It felt good to stretch my legs a bit.

I didn’t check my distance until 28 minutes in and when I did I could see I wasn’t far off 5km. hitting 12 kph my easy run became a race to the tape (I’m such a competitor!) and I hit 5.03km in 30:10. Negative splits from start to finish and not a walk break in sight.

Stretching out, I still felt good and I was really pleased to see that my average heart rate is coming down. I’ll get another run in on Friday and then I’ve got my 10k race at Jedburgh on Sunday!

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