Tomorrow I travel to Jedburgh, about two hours away in the Scottish Borders, to take part in a 10k. It’s the furthest from home I’ve travelled to take part in a race and it’s somewhere I don’t really know very well. Hmmmm. I’m trying very hard to take this in my stride, remembering everything I need tonight because we’ll have to start off at about 8 tomorrow morning. I’ve even remembered to wash my favourite bra and it’s drying as I type!

The Jedburgh 10k is part of the Jedburgh Half Marathon and its only the second year that the 10k has been run. I must admit I am tempted to do the half. Even though I’m programmed to do 5 miles this weekend (yes, I realise 10k is 6 miles, but what’s a mile between friends?) and my “race” is meant to be next weekend it is SO tempting to step up to the half! I won’t though – I promise!

I’ve fuelled up on a gentle chickpea and Quorn curry with brown rice and I’ve allowed myself one glass of red wine before drinking grape juice for the rest of the evening. I will get an early night. It’s 10pm now and I’m nearly ready for bed. I might just have to take a wee look at the Strictly dances first! We have an extra hour in bed tonight as the clocks go back marking the end of British Summer Time.

I’ll blog again tomorrow, letting you know how I get on. I’m hoping to better my 65 minutes for the Gallovidian 10k in September. Fingers crossed!

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