Half Marathon, here I come!

When I set myself the challenge of training for a half-marathon I didn’t have the good sense to open the diary and look for a half I could do and work back from it. No, not me! I just went for it. Which means, of course, that now that I am ready to do a half I don’t have one to go to.

Tomorrow is meant to be my race day and there are two half marathons listed, one in Fort William (4 hours away) and one in Lancaster (just under 2 hours away). I was tempted by going to either one of them (the FW Half had been recommended and it doesn’t start until noon meaning not such an early start and the Lancaster Half starts at 11am) As hubbie is working it would mean me getting myself there and sorted out and I’ve probably left it far too late now anyway.

And then I decided, what difference does it make where I run? It’s not as if I’m competing for a prize! The only person I’m competing against is myself. So tomorrow I will be running a half marathon…here in Dumfries: The Julie Hollis Half Marathon 2011.

The route is undecided; I’m working on that one. It won’t be my usual loop route though because I’m fast coming to the conclusion that, due to the nature of the topography, this is not a rainy weather route – the road floods all too easily and 13 miles in wet shoes is not fun. It won’t be a flat course because I live in Scotland and, even close to the shore, we have hills!

So there we go. I’ll pop into my health store and get my gel and Vegebears this afternoon and tomorrow, after I’ve put the washing out to dry, I’ll start my first half marathon race! I might even get myself a medal to win from the trophy shop!

Who says running isn’t fun?

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