Working out work outs

On Friday I wrote a blindingly good blog about my run on Friday morning on my phone whilst being driven down south. It was a wonderful essay on the delights of running surrounded by nature and all about how one should be taking the time to stop and look and soak it in, rather than race around the world with a head filled with times and pace. I was so pleased with it.

I guess it was also a metaphor for life, which is ironic really, because I lost the blog between writing it and posting it. Damn you 3G reception.

Today I’m off work with an ongoing issue that hopefully tomorrow will be sorted out by a visit to the out-patients department of Dumfries Infirmary. Nothing terrible, just a minor thing that will have a major effect on the quality of my life.

In the meantime I haven’t been running since Friday morning’s gorgeous trail run. And I haven’t really missed it either. I can’t run at the moment; I may be able to by Thursday.

My Facebook friend Connie has been very inspirational, not just to me but to many women who are overweight and wanting to do something about it. Connie has halved her weight and is a great runner, far faster and stronger than me (although granted she has been running for longer). She is working her fat into muscle, disregarding the scales. I know that my core strength is my big weakness and I really need to work my body harder to make that improvement.

So although today isn’t the day to start, I am working out my work out programme!

I know that I need to work out a series of repetitions of a series of exercises. I need to start small and work it up. I recently signed up for Plank-a-Day on Twitter and, yes it’s a great idea, but I tried to start with a 60 second plank when I should have started with a 30 second one and maybe did that for a month before moving up! I have to make this achievable to make it work. I also need to look at my entire core, not just my abdominals.

When it’s done I shall print out big posters for the gym wall and I will follow my regime religiously, because I’m like that. Once I’ve decided on a course of action I do stick to it.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

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