5 tired miles

I haven’t run for over a week and it showed today when I got on the treadmill. A weekend away and a week of not really feeling up to running for various reasons had taken its toll and today’s run was a bit like running in treacle!

I’ve been busy today and so by the time I was able to run the light had gone and I was left with no alternative but to run on the treadmill. I don’t mind running on the mill really, but it is boring – of that there is no doubt. And as Trevor is an old-fashioned kind of a guy he hasn’t got gym quality TV or radio, just a static display of distance, time, laps and calories. Listening to my running tunes sometimes isn’t quite enough.

Last Sunday I should have run 5 miles; today I should have run between 6 and 8, all according to my half-marathon training schedule. So I’ve decided to pretend that last week didn’t happen. I could run 5 miles today and next week, when I’ve had two more short runs in the week, I can happily do 6, 7 or 8 miles. That’s the plan. Don’t shoot me if it goes to pot – things have a habit of not quite going to plan around here!

I started steadily and forgot all about my walk breaks, just happy to run. It wasn’t until I’d done 2 km that I decided to walk and have a drink. I carried on this way right through, taking my walk breaks just when I needed them rather than on the ding of a bell. I was a bit disappointed to see my 5k time was 34 minutes. That’s really slow for me, even on a longer run. I felt dizzy and tired and my legs were sluggish; I guess I was just going through the motions today.

I hit 8km in 54:37. Nowt startling, but another 5 miles under my belt bring my annual tally up to 412 miles. It would be nice to hit 500 by the New Year.

So that’s me for today. I’ve just had a lovely shower and I’m presently multi-tasking by, beside typing this,  also cooking a Thai QuornYellow Curry with brown rice noodles and will shortly be sitting down with a small glass of red wine and will watch a movie.

Chin chin!

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