Doctor Foster went Running Round Ruthwell

Well, he might as well have done.

Talk about falling into puddles right up to your middle!!

Grant and I set off to do a slow, steady 4 miles around the parish, a route I abandoned a few months back because every time I went on it it was flooded. Ah, yes, that’s why I didn’t run it. Hmmmm. It’s a great route; really nice views, quiet and fairly taxing (a few nice hills to get the blood pumping).

We’d covered a mile and half when first of all my supposedly fully charged Mr Garmin started to crash. Then we encountered a puddle of truly Biblical proportions which, as we hadn’t thought to bring the ark with us, we had to try to tip toe around, taking to a farmyard at one point. Wet toes already.

Having passed that we headed downhill and, as Mr Garmin slowly died on my wrist, I tried to gauge our run:walk intervals by the colour of my husband’s face.

The wind picked up as we headed along the long straight, blowing straight into our faces. It was half refreshing, half hard work. As we reached the end of the straight I knew there would be another flood across the road. Indeed there was. We hadn’t even reached 3 miles and we’d hit two massive puddles and somehow managed to keep our feet reasonably dry.

We chatted all the way round, which was great. Normally I would have the iPhone for company, but I’ve taken to leaving it at home on runs with Grant, which isn’t always a great thing as having the iPhone means that I have a back up to the Garmin if it isn’t as charged up as I would believe!

We’d done 3 miles and we had to turn under the railway line and run up past the church to get home. I’d been giving Grant landmarks to reach for his walk breaks and one of the last ones was “to the bridge”. We turned the corner and stopped dead.

The road was totally flooded. From side to side. No path, no grass to tip toe along. Just wall to wall water in a dip in the road. I went first. I tried to keep to the edge but it became immediately clear that the water was deep. As it reached my mid calf I just went for it. My shoes were full, my socks were soaked and my leggings were clinging to my legs! Grant followed me through, a little reluctantly! We had less than a mile to run, but a mile to walk! Totally soaked I said “Right, come on – let’s get on with it!” I even made him run the last hill, despite protestations!

We completed the 4 miles in around 48 minutes (taken from our start and finish time) which gave us 12 minute miles at a steady pace throughout. A few of those mixed in with some treadmill interval sessions will put us in good stead for the Great Winter Run in a couple of weeks.

Let’s hope for snow, ice, wind, hail – anything. Just no puddles!!

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