First run of 2012

What a throughly beautiful day today has been! Blue skies, bright sunshine, uncommonly warm for midwinter here in Scotland and totally opposite to the dull and bleak weather we’ve been experiencing recently. It was a total pleasure to lace up my shoes and head out for a few miles.

“Four miles,” I told my husband as we headed out of the door. That took the smile off his face! In less than a week we have a 5k in Edinburgh to complete and this will be Grant’s first race. He is not totally comfortable with the idea of running in a race and not totally confident that he is capable of running 3 miles at any sort of pace. So my logic is to get him used to running a mile further so that when we come to do the race he is well within his comfort zone.

I get him running at a slightly slower pace. He runs a 5k at 11 minute miles at the moment, so I allow him the luxury of running the longer distances at a 12 minute mile pace. It’s mainly psychological, but the placebo effect of slowing the pace slightly seems to work. At the end of the day I will be running alongside him next week; he won’t be running alone.

Despite the sunshine and blue skies it was a bit windy and here, near the coast, the wind tends to come straight off the sea. Today we were running down to the coast and back, straight into the wind. We headed off and all my encouraging comments were greeted by a sarcastic “Wonderful” – we need to work on that attitude!

The stats talk for themselves. We did a good steady run, our first of 2012! I feel pleased and relaxed and ready to carry on the Hogmany celebrations!

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