Yes, I can still “run”

It’s the day before the Great Winter Run and I’m currently updating this blog on my iPad whilst Hubbie drives us the 70 miles up to Edinburgh. Dedicated is not the word.

The gallery reopened this week and although it hasn’t been busy in terms of customers, I have been busy sorting out displays and framing, leaving me with not very much time for running. In fact I don’t think I’ve run at all this week apart from last night. Our last run outside was on New Year’s Day. Since then we’ve been battered by storm after storm but I felt less guilty as runners tweeted that they were also giving up hope of running outside. I did a speed session on the treadmill, my favourite 20 minute double pyramid, which is needing a tweak – it’s getting too easy!

Last night I had two thoughts. I would either run an easy 5 miler or do a fast 5k. Until I actually got into the “gym” I still wasn’t sure which I would do. In fact whilst I was warming up I still didn’t know!

I started the treadmill at 9kph. It felt slow and at that moment I made my choice; I needed to run! I’ve done so many slow runs lately, training for my half marathon and latterly training Grant, that I just haven’t done a decent 5k pace in ages. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but I was up for a challenge! I knew that an 11.3 kph speed would give me a sub 30 minute run, but I didn’t feel confident just launching myself into a faster pace so I started at 10 kph and gradually sped up. I ran 4 minutes with 1 minute recovery, not because I can’t run for 30 minutes straight, because I know that I can easily do that, but because I hadn’t run at this pace for a while and I wanted to save something for Saturday’s race.

I felt strong and by the last km I was running at 12 kph and it looked as if I would indeed do a sub 30 minute 5k. This was great; I hadn’t done this in ages and I was still capable of pulling it off. With a bit of speed training, what am I really capable of?

I missed my 5k time, somehow not managing to hit the pause button several times, but clocked 5.07 km in 29:54 giving me 9:29 per mile pace. By that calculation I should be doing 3.01 miles in around 29 minutes. Not bad for a long distance runner!

The Great Winter Run

Our running bags are packed. I hope that I’ve remembered everything for us both! I’ll unpack later and check it all. Our biggest worry, apart from the hill we’ll be climbing for the first half of the race, is getting to the venue tomorrow morning. I’ve found a bus that picks up outside of our hotel and, hopefully, drops us off at the end of Holyrood Road, not far from the start. We may or may not have time to check this out this afternoon. We’d both feel better if we can! What country mice we are!

We won’t be ‘”racing” tomorrow. Our objective is simply to finish. Finishing holding my husband’s hand will be prize enough! If we finish in around 36 minutes we’ll be happy.

And I shall be celebrating, with many rums!

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