In training…

Week 2 – Improve your 10k time!

After a disappointing long run on Wednesday I was a bit unsure how tonight’s run would go. My 6 last miles were a struggle; I just couldn’t catch my breath for the first couple of miles and then I had legs of lead. A friend mentioned gluten, just in passing, and it clicked. I’d tried something new the night before and no, I couldn’t stomach it! My friend described it as “kryptonite” and she’s right, that is just how it feels! In the big scheme of things the run wasn’t that bad. I did a steady 5.78 miles in 62 mins.

Tonight I hooked up to Jeff’s app. I was down to do an interval run with race pace splits, 6.1 km in all. It was going to be a treadmill run; it’s dark here by 5pm and I wasn’t home until half 5….

I started with a warm up walk for 3 minutes, then Jeff told me to do a steady run at 10.3 kph. This he cranked up to 12.2 for three intervals with 4.8 kph walks after 4 minutes. The first one was hard. It came hot on the heels of a slower run and there was no let up until the 4 minutes were over. The second and third intervals were easier; not easy, but easier.

I finished the run in 35:28, hitting 5k in 30 minutes, 5.88 km in all. I’m pleased that the hard pace is getting easier. It’s what I needed, even if I’m initially finding it hard. I know from experience that it will inevitably help increase my pace so I’m happy to give it a go. I don’t find it easy; there are times when I’m mid race pace interval that I could happily switch the treadmill off and get into a nice bubbly bath with candles and enjoy the bliss, but then I’d always be a 65 minute 10k-er and that just won’t do!

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